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When you work with us, you get access to small business capabilities in the vast transportation and logistics management marketplace. Superior customer service. A one-stop-shop for all transportation modes. Shipping solutions for every puzzle. What more can you ask for? We’re partners you can trust.

We’ll ship whatever you need, wherever you need so that you can accomplish your goals without worry. Stop the gray hairs before they start! Lift the burden and anxiety of “how will we ever figure this out?” We’ve got you covered.

We’ll exceed your expectations every time.

Perfection is the only solution; there’s no room for mistakes. We know you rely on us to keep your shipments safe. No exceptions. No excuses.

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Disrupting the Market

in a good way

We specialize in military logistics, but that’s not all. Our comprehensive services serve anyone and everyone. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Have a tight deadline? You’re in the right place. Moving cargo to a remote destination? We’ve got you covered. Have a unique operation that requires the flexibility of transportation options by air, land, sea, and waterways? No problem! Our proven track record, expert dispatchers, and commitment to excellence are world-class. So we must be doing something right.

What’s most important to you in a partnership?

As your shipper broker partner, we focus on:

  • ✔ Reliability
  • ✔ Safe Delivery to the Final Destination
  • ✔ Honest, Direct Communication
  • ✔ Exceptional Service
  • ✔ Building Strong Relationships

We Use Data

to Drive Our Business

Do you have logistics questions?

We have answers to all of your logistics questions. Science drives our business strategy; the truth is in the numbers. Our logistics management and analysis team mines data to find the most seasoned, professional carriers for every shipment. You can feel confident in our data-driven methodology. It's backed by our years of experience and successful shipping execution.


1. Send Us Your Load Information

Outline the specifics for your shipment: pickup, destination, weight, equipment type, dims if oversized/overweight.

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Call: 844-7VESTRA (783-7872) or email us at:

3. We Ship. You Return to Business as Usual

Rest assured that we’ve got it handled. Your shipment will arrive safely.

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A Proud Women-Owned Business

Vestra Logistics is a women-owned business. Our partnership with the SBA gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace and access to a vast array of services and connections so that we can best serve you. Our customer-driven service is second to none. We thrive in finding superior, personalized solutions to your complex shipping challenges.

Our Carriers are Top-of-the-Line Seasoned Professionals

We don’t have time to mess around with rookies. And we won’t monkey around with your shipments. We know you’re putting your trust in us, and in turn, we promise to deliver your goods safely.

Our promise to you: We only work with the best of the best.


Accelerate your achievements

You can move America

  • Would you like to be part of a trillion-dollar industry where millions of people and millions more trucks move product across North America and around the world? One that’s full of great technology and constant innovation?
  • Are you people-oriented and looking for a place to provide consistently great service? Logistics doesn’t just demand smart technology, it also demands quality service from pragmatic, clear-headed problem-solvers.
  • If you are looking for a challenging and ever changing career, click below and let us know about you.


Make your own waves in this amazing industry

Don’t go it alone – we’ve got your back

You can be part of a genuine partnership where you get real service, great follow through, and a team you can rely on to help you grow your business.

You get personalized, responsive service,
24/7, whenever you need it, with:

  • Fast, accurate payment
  • Top quality, personalized support
  • No hidden fees
  • Quick carrier approval
  • Less saturation
  • No non-compete restrictions

Whether it’s helping you with a hot load, an RFP or simply making sure billing is correct to the penny, we have you covered. We promise every one of your loads will be well cared for.

Vestra Logistics is a trusted name amongst carriers. We are rated a Diamond Broker by

Your carriers will be approved in minutes with our online, automated approvals. They’ll be happy you’re with Vestra because we pay in 21 days or less. Always.

If you’re looking for open account, market share, individual support and room to grow, Vestra is the place to be.

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