Transparency is not just our intent – it is our identity!

Logistics management and analysis has become an applied science –massive data availability, good systems, smart analytics and expert interpretation combine to make it so. This science makes out-of-date practices like standard costing, fixed pricing and estimates a costly way to do business.

It might be “the way it’s always been done”– but it’s not smart business in today’s data-driven world!

You can do better in the transportation industry with Vestra. We apply our science in the service of our shippers and our carriers. It enables us to deliver outstanding results in communication and support, as well as helping you to develop smarter business strategies.

Your bottom line wins too, because you have the added advantage of our market-disrupting Partnership Pricing Program. When Vestra becomes your transportation partner, we show you ALL your costs – that way you can tap into the hidden pockets of profit that our competitors don’t talk about.


Turbo-charge your supply chain

Your load’s
with Vestra

Our sophisticated systems mean that your load is tracked throughout its journey. If there’s a problem then we’re the first to know – and you’re a close second.

Our passion for service and carefully vetted carriers let you get on with your business.

The best carrier
aT the best price

Under the hood of our systems there’s a powerful engine that maximizes load efficiency and minimizes your costs.

That engine is fueled by dedicated relationships with quality carriers who are with us for the long term.

Strategic advantage
from better data

As a Collaborative Transportation Management partner, you get far more than a transportation bill.

You can optimize the efficiency of your supply chain because we share our data and our metrics to support your strategies..

Maximize your
profit with
Partnership Pricing

If you’re ready to step up a level in your logistics strategy, talk to us about what full transparency can save you.

Find out what your transportation is REALLY costing you.


Trucking made simple

You move America – and we keep you moving!
  • You get more consistent, reliable and profitable work.
  • We deliver fast payment, maximum useful information and a minimum of paperwork.
  • Our smart systems maximize your cargo efficiency and backhaul opportunities.
  • Your dedicated Carrier Representative has your back and will keep your life simple and your fleet on the road.


Our goal is to be transparent

We leverage the most up to date market analysis, our 1000s of carrier relationships and our passion for excellence for one simple purpose – to be the best, must trusted logistics partner you will ever have.

It’s all about what the relationship is built on

Data drives analytics – but people drive business. The best data in the world without communication and service is white noise.


You get great prices BECAUSE we share the cost of the transportation in detail.

You operate more strategically because you understand the logistics that delivers your business.

We grow our business as you grow your business.

Our carriers and account managers grow their business because we increase volume, as you trust us with more freight.


Accelerate your achievements

You can move America

  • Would you like to be part of a trillion-dollar industry where millions of people and millions more trucks move product across North America and around the world? One that’s full of great technology and constant innovation?
  • Are you people-oriented and looking for a place to provide consistently great service? Logistics doesn’t just demand smart technology, it also demands quality service from pragmatic, clear-headed problem-solvers.
  • If you are looking for a challenging and ever changing career, click below and let us know about you.


Make your own waves in this amazing industry

Don’t go it alone – we’ve got your back

You can be part of a genuine partnership where you get real service, great follow through, and a team you can rely on to help you grow your business.

You get personalized, responsive service,
24/7, whenever you need it, with:

  • Fast, accurate payment
  • Top quality, personalized support
  • No hidden fees
  • Quick carrier approval
  • Less saturation
  • No non-compete restrictions

Whether it’s helping you with a hot load, an RFP or simply making sure billing is correct to the penny, we have you covered. We promise every one of your loads will be well cared for.

Vestra Logistics is a trusted name amongst carriers. We are rated a Diamond Broker by

Your carriers will be approved in minutes with our online, automated approvals. They’ll be happy you’re with Vestra because we pay in 21 days or less. Always.

If you’re looking for open account, market share, individual support and room to grow, Vestra is the place to be.

Ready to grow? Contact us today!