A Passion for Service,
An Obsession with Better

The information revolution has been remaking the transportation industry – and it can deliver bottom line profit improvements to your business. Vestra Logistics is leading the way in bringing Transparency to the freight world.

Real Information with real service

Your transportation dollar buys better value with Vestra because we’ve integrated ERPs, logistics and web-based Transportation Management Systems with advanced data analytics and expert interpretation.

Tell us about your freight – and we’ll share with you what the REAL cost is for moving your goods.

Vestra Logistics is a full-scale, non-asset based truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal service provider. We cover the U.S.A, Mexico and Canada with our growing network of over 30,000 trusted carriers and growing.

Add Bottom Line Value to Your Business

Get the maximum return on the years you’ve spent developing products and building your market by learning how to maximize your actual transportation costs.

You make the product, you market the product, so you know what it costs to make and to sell. Partner up with Vestra and optimize your delivery costs as well.

Strategic Advantage, Long Term Relationships AND Great Service

At Vestra, courteous, reliable, quality service is just the beginning.

The big value we add is not hard, it’s just never been done, we help you take big costs out of your transportation budget and put savings on your bottom line.

All the data exists. We have the science and the expertise to take the vast mass of transaction detail that the information economy has generated and turn it into powerful insights to inform your business.

Increase your total business efficiency

Don’t just send us lanes – become a
partner. As a Collaborative Transportation
Partner, you get access to a wealth
of tactical and strategic information
that will increase your total
business efficiency.

We ask “Why?” about every cost in OUR business – every day. That’s what we offer to our customers as well.

You get excellent service AND you also get smarter tactical and strategic information about how to save on your transportation costs and add to your bottom line. Get the Vestra advantage today!

Vestra – Your Partner in Transportation Excellence