Carriers are the lifeblood of our economy – nothing moves without you. You’re also the lifeblood of OUR business.

At Vestra, we are just as dedicated to our 1000s of carriers as we are the thousands of shippers who trust our unique Real Time Freight Cost System to move their goods.

You get a great business partner and the chance to better your business. We deliver:

  • Consistent, profitable work from our smart backend systems that maximize your cargo efficiency and backhaul opportunities.
  • No more weird, crazy lanes that frustrate your drivers and eat into your profits, wasting your time and your energy.
  • Maximum usable information and minimum paperwork with our web-based Transportation Management Systems.
  • Prompt payment with our QuickPay/ ACH options to streamline billing and payment.

With Vestra, you truly get a reliable partner who’s got
your back. Your dedicated Carrier Representative is your
Single Point of Contact for everything you need to run
your loads with Vestra.


It’s our carriers doing their job well that drives our business success – so we search out the best carriers and make sure we make their job as easy as possible.

The better the load and the easier we make their job, the higher quality of the relationship from loading to payment.

Our paperless online approval process makes becoming a Vestra carrier easy – no downloads; no faxes.

If you want a long term business partner, not just a few loads, all you have to do to get started is click the link below.