We Specialize in Partials & Hotshots

There are times when you need out-of-the-box resources for shipping less than a full truckload and options for creative freight shipping terms. Partials and hotshot shipping options offer money-saving alternatives to help you transport your load that’s classified somewhere between LTL and a full truckload.

Need a Big Boy Truck?

  • Looking for a freight quote?
  • Experiencing frustration with a complicated shipping challenge?
  • Searching for alternative shipping options, so you don’t pay for a full truck?
  • Striving for cost savings?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, shipping by partial truckload might be the perfect fit for you.

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Partial Truckloads, Explained

Contrary to LTL shipments, which are classified by freight class with rates that are based on each carrier’s LTL rates by class, partial truckload shipments are larger, and have latitude for innovative pricing and classification. LTL shipments are transported either by van (enclosed truck) or by a truck with an open deck. However, there are times when neither of these solutions is a fit for a particular shipment. The solution? Partial truckloads.


  • Add your freight to loads with other people’s freight.
  • Do not require a freight classification.
  • Offer cost savings for the shipper.
  • Ensure your freight stays on the same truck for the entire shipping process: no on/off, no reloading.

Sound too good to be true? Depending on your needs, a partial truckload may be a win-win-win for shipping your freight.


Hotshot Shipping

Do you have a relatively small, time-sensitive shipment that needs expedited delivery? Are you looking for the most affordable option to move your freight from one location to another — quickly? If so, hotshot shipping may be your best bet.

Hotshot shipping refers to the type of truck that’s used, the type of shipment, or both. If you’re looking for another option for your single shipment, our team will help you explore the option of using hotshot shipping.