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Have you ever considered knowing the real cost of each load moved?

A company’s transportation cost can be as high as 10% of the actual over all spend.

If we can save you 3-20% over a freight spend of say a $1,000,000, that’s thousands of dollars that go straight to your bottom line. Sound liked a wide spread? Well it is and that’s why transparency is so important.

Is that a savings you’d like to make?

If you’re ready for a smarter approach to transportation pricing – one that will put real profit on your bottom line – then talk to us about our Partnership Pricing.


Tell us about your freight…

And we’ll tell you how to save money.

We deliver efficient shipping from point A to point Anywhere – across the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

  • Do you want to know what your transportation is ACTUALLY costing you?
  • Do you want your load delivered on time?
  • Do you want to know about your loads BEFORE they become issues?

You can relax with Vestra, because your load is tracked from your DC to your customer’s door in our web-based Transportation Management Systems.

You’ll be in the loop with maximum time to respond when the occasional realities of accidents or weather get in the way of your delivery.

“Reliable” is only the beginning

Yes, you can relax when your load’s with us – but to us reliable delivery is just the beginning of the value we offer.

Quality information is the life-blood of good business strategy in the 21st century. That’s where we stand out from our “status quo” competitors.

A more educated customer is
a more profitable customer

We constantly monitor and analyze our network for increased efficiency. You can improve your logistics strategies because we pass the data on to you.

You can continuously improve your processes because our reports, metrics and dashboards give you the data you need.

As one of our Collaborative Transportation Management partners, you get the information you need to help you optimize the operational efficiency of your supply chain.

Get smarter logistics and better prices

Our smart, web-based systems do more than communicate continuously. Under the hood, there’s a powerful engine that maximizes load efficiencies and minimizes your costs.

The best carrier at the best price – every time

We use sophisticated algorithms that make the most of every load on every truck. Your specific needs are matched with the best possible carrier from our carefully vetted suppliers.

Reliable delivery at a great price – and there’s more

We want partners, not just customers. So we don’t just collect information – we share it.